Friday, April 27, 2007

Climate Change: a letter to a friend

A very good friend of mine asked me to sign an online petition on climate change. I looked over the organization promoting the petition and what the petition said. I could not participate.

Here is the letter back to my friend:

Thanks for thinking of me! I can't in good conscience sign however.
While I believe in global warming and the effects humans have in
climate change I do not believe in the Apocalyptic versions offered by
the climate change movement. I am also scared that the "movement" is
fast becoming a religion and is adopting religious/cult like attitudes
that guard against any challenge. Including valid scientific

If I had my way the debate would framed in a way that promoted
"Leadership by example." Individuals, companies and governments would
be challenged to exhibit leadership in their respective actions for
reasons of environmental protection and conservation. Stewardship
would be the call to arms not wild speculation about the death of our

Having said this I am not fore-square against these climate change
movements because many of the desired outcomes are outcomes I promote:
efficiency, conservation and alternatives. The means do matter though
even if the end is a shared goal. So, as long as the movement
refrains from being a "religion" I will give it passive support. But
if the means continues to move in the self-defeatist and polarizing
direction I see it moving towards now I will remove all support and
work against it.

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