Monday, January 28, 2008

A dirty little secret and Barack Obama.

At first glance at the title to this piece you might assume this is a hit piece designed to belittle or discount the efforts of Barack Obama. You would be wrong. This is about a secret so damaging that it could rip apart families and friends. A secret so powerful that most dare not speak it for fear it will heap ridicule and shame on the head of the fool that spoke it. I however am going to reveal this secret to you now.

Republicans like Barack Obama.

From Rush Limbaugh to Fred Barns to Benjamin Cook, republicans like Obama. They like the way he campaigns, they like the way he is beating up on the Clinton’s, they feel his inspiration and want to be apart of it. Republicans are not the cold hearted bastards characterized by the Clinton’s as wanting to starve children and kill senior citizens, we too want to be inspired. We too want to be apart of a change movement.

The question now is, does running an honorable campaign, being an inspiration and standing up to the Clinton Machine mean we will vote for Obama? For some it might. For me it will not. Obama is still a Liberal. That means he doesn’t recognize that Liberal social policy begets Liberal social policy and the never ending flow of money into these entitlements can not stop the social ills they are designed to stop. He doesn’t understand that national security is the most important issue of our time and that threats on our horizon are real. He doesn’t understand that the Federal Government is the second biggest problem in educating our kids and that less government involvement in education is better than more. (The biggest problem in educating our kids is the kid’s family or the lack of one.)

Barack Obama is an inspiring and great man. He moves me when he speaks, at times to the point of tears. I am not willing to say that there is not a scenario where I vote against my own party. There is. That scenario is very unlikely. I will say this. If Obama is running against the candidate of my choice this November and the results are close when I go to bed, I will not go to bed in a state of panic or fear scared that a Liberal will be the next president of the United States. (Like when Bush ran against Al Gore, or Kerry.) I will sleep very easy knowing that if Obama wins the election two things will happen. One, he will be very good for this country in many ways and two, after eight years of Obama the next Republican president will have his work cut out for him.

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