Friday, February 15, 2008

Guns don't kill people... Bombs don't kill people... SUVs don't kill people...

It’s coming. Just wait a bit.

After the obligatory waiting period of a week or two the attack on “Guns” will begin. I was living in Ireland when the VA Tech shooting took place. The Europeans moved from condolences to contempt after about a week. “Gun Culture” was the preferred narrative or catch phrase. It won’t be long before the assault on guns begins here at home.

Soon after the Virginia murders I wrote a hasty piece for my blog you can find that here (please excuse the many typos and poor grammar). When the blame begins please note the amount of attention given to “guns” or other gun related equipment rather than the person who pulled the trigger. This is done sometimes on purpose and I suspect most often subconsciously. Because it is easier to attack something that has no voice like “guns” or "bombs" or "SUVs" and difficult to confront something that does, “people,” debaters will take the easy route and unfortunately address the symptom with much more rigor than the actual problem.

The problems of mental health, youth violence and desensitization will take an unfortunate back-seat to besmearing the availability of lawfully gained guns and accessories. The same ridiculous notion that more regulation of lawfully gained guns will somehow reduce gun crime will be explored and emotion rather than fact and reason will take precedent. The fact that lawfully gained firearms are rarely involved in any crime will not be brought up or will be poorly represented. The fact that outlawing guns will only result in criminals having guns will be ignored or poorly represented. The fact that lawfully carried firearms reduce crime will be ridiculed and belittled with no facts to back up the slighting of these truisms. And most disturbing of all politicians will call for more "gun" regulation, addressing the symptom, rather than more understanding of "people" and the reasons they kill, the problem.

It’s coming…just wait.

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