Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yo Soy Comunista - the United Socialist States of America


We here in Russia, Venezuela and Cuba welcome you to our Socialist club. With the passing of the “bail out” plan and the possible election of Obama America will be the newest member of far-left Socialist network of nations.

Soon America can look forward to complete redistribution of wealth. As our savior Karl Marx put it, FROM each according to their means, TO each according to their need. Soon, America will remove any incentive to strive and risk for a better life. Mother Government will provide all that a person needs. Those that try to work outside the system will be punished. Obama has already begun this system of punishment with his healthcare proposal that penalizes those that choose not to carry insurance or submit to the government plan. These people must be brought in line for the good of everyone.

Comrades, it is not the individual that counts not the protection of his or her property but it is the only the common good. Old ways of thinking that suggest the best way to provide for the common good is by protecting the individual and his property are over. The founding fathers of your country were wrong. Protecting the individual and his or her property only leads to corruption and greed. Those that hoard wealth are to be shunned and their property redistributed for the good of the people.

We urge all of our Comrades in the USSA (United Socialist States of America) to vote for Obama. Soon, you will no longer be burdened with the process of voting. The natural progression of Socialism is more government control. Your tacit approval now to Socialist agendas will be taken to mean permanent and total approval of complete government intrusion into your lives. In other words, the removal of the republic and your democracy.

In the future we hope to see government control of your energy infrastructure, housing, employment, education, and of course healthcare. The American Utopia is just around the corner. With the election of Obama you are on the path to true equality. Now, you are no longer merely born equal, but are mandated by government to remain equal.

Workers and Peasantry unite!!! Vote Obama for United Socialist States of America First Secretary!!!

Yo Soy Comunista!

Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Dmitry Medvedev (Vladimir Putin)

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