Monday, March 2, 2009


In earlier postings to you I expressed my best wishes for our current President. That still holds true. But, I must also agree with Rush Limbaugh (Conservative Guru) that I hope the President FAILS in his "stimulus" and "bail out" initiatives. Nothing Obama has shown me so far passes the Economics 101 test. Meaning, even college sophomores capable of being intellectually honest would give Obama an "F" for his plans. Socialist European countries all over are even voting down programs and plans like Obama is touting for being too risky and too Socialist.

The intellectually dishonest fall right into Rush's obvious trap. "How can you hope your president fails? Isn't that un-patriotic?" Not if what is best for the country is the President's failure. The country is bigger than any one man or office. Including the highest office. Our country can't afford to look the other way just so half of us can feel good about voting for our country's first black president. We can't afford to look the other way just because we can't fathom this first black president being an utter failure in his first 6 weeks of office. We can't afford to look the other way because our personal narrative and bias will be crushed if we allow ourselves to even contemplate the consequences of Ben Cook being right (again!)... and you being wrong.

Obama's failures:


Obama is pushing his "plans" with mushroom cloud politics. When Chenney and Rice sold the Iraq war, they did so with "mushroom cloud" politics. Or, fear. Fear got us to rally behind a war. Rather than explaining that in order for us to get to work on Monday for the next few decades we need to bring order to Iraq, we were told of WMD. Obama, taking a page from Rove, is telling you the economic end is near unless you let him spend TRILLIONS of dollars. Dollars we don't have. If you don't the consequence will be soup lines and boy's homes. Mr. President, where is the "Hope" in that message? Not to beat a dead horse... but if you can't repay the loan... do you deserve it? How is borrowing going to fix the problems created by... wait for it... borrowing!?? Seriously, am I the only one who sees the IDIOCY at work here?


The "Stimulus" bill or "Pork-ulus" bill or "Spend-ulus" bill is laden with special interest spending. Where is the "Change" in that Mr. President? Politics as usual I say. Mr. President, You have had a particularly difficult time finding folks to fill important positions because they can't seem to pay their taxes or other ethics issues. How is that "Change" we can believe in? In fact, Mr. President, you broke your own rules in order to fill at least two positions. (Oh, and I am tired of the school yard logic of "Bush did it first" to explain, or more accurately change the subject, when pressed for an explanation of Obama's current plans and policies.)

The Troops

While campaigning the current president told us he would "bring an end to the war [combat] in Iraq and bring the troops home." Well, if by "troops home" you mean only 2/3rds then yes... troops home. It seems the devil is in the details and if you are part of the 50,000 troops that stay in Iraq... well what a devil that is. Those of us that can muster a little objectivity have been saying for over two years, it doesn't matter who the next president is, there is no way "the troops" will come home before the mission objective is accomplished. (my arm is a bit sore from patting myself on the back for getting this one right)


Look it up. That is where we are headed. You can polish this turd all you want Mr. President... but government take over of private institutions and infrastructure is Socialism. The New "New Deal" liberals are talking about for our country and the world is actually the same old deal, a raw deal. More government, more redistribution of wealth, and less of what actually makes this country great. Things like individualism, capitalism and free markets are the enemy in Obama's eyes.

I do hope for the best for my country, and in doing so I have to cheer for the complete and utter failure of President Obama's current plans. I want him to FAIL. For our country's sake, we all need him to fail. If the sound of my wanting our first black president to fail is too much for you, I suggest you reevaluate what is important in your life, being right about your presidential pick, or the economic survival of our country.

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