Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Dog Molly

I just buried Molly, well watched a nice neighbor with a back-hoe do all the lifting. The whole time I was thinking. "God that is a lot of dirt for me to fill in if he doesn't offer to fill it in." But I didn't want him to fill it in, I wanted to have a quick moment with Molly before she returned to nature. Instead he did offer and I accepted. So rather than the "moment" I chunked her unceremoniously down a 4 foot hole and said a few words under my breath. Not at all what I had in mind. And even though we are nearing the end of April it was cold. It was dark with ominous clouds, distant thunder and blowing rain. Despite the fact that Molly and I didn't have our planned moment, nature gave it to us anyway. It was Molly having her last growl, her last bark and her last wet kisses. Molly will be missed.

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frosty said...

ben, it's never easy saying goodbye to our family (& our pets are family to us in a way no family can be). i still think of tag every day & miss him terribly, but am so thankful for the time we had together. molly knows you love her & will miss her, she'll always be with you. big hugs from me!