Friday, May 28, 2010

The SC Republican primary offers some...

The SC Republican primary offers some stark contrasts.  On the one hand you have career politicians like Andre Bauer and Henry McMaster who have never known a "real job".  Then you have Gresham Barrett and Nikki Haley.  Relative newcomers to politics.  Why does this matter?  It matters because power corrupts.  Being in politics is also very jading. 

In SC we need fresh eyes on our state's problems.  New solutions.  What we have done and are doing now isn't working or isn't working fast enough.  Mark Sanford despite his "issues" has tried his best to keep the state in the black.  But, as long as the state of SC is beholding to the US government (thing education) for so much of its programs and funding, managing the "red" and the "black" is never going to be in our own hands.  No party and no person can manage the states finances correctly if we are subject to whims of the Federal Government.

With this in mind, who is our best candidate for Governor of South Carolina?  Well it is not Henry McMaster who has been in politics long enough to be best friends with John Spratt!  Sure he mustered a little courage to stand up to the Feds this year, but he could and SHOULD have had that stance all along.  Which begs the question, why the courage this year... an election year?

Andre Bauer is a career politician like no other.  Politics, minus a short career selling sporting goods, is all that Andre has ever known.  I have nothing against him as a person, and he might even be a "good" politician.  But, he is not Governor material.

This leaves Barrett and Haley.  Both qualified, both capable.  I personally lean towards Halley because she seems the most likely to ATTACK South Carolina's problems.  She also has the benefit of being the opposite of "jaded".  From LEGAL immigrant parents she still appreciates the exceptional nature of South Carolina and the USA.  She sees the benefits and offerings available to all of us.

As a Post Script, to all the people with Vincent Sheheen signs in their yard?  Really?  Have you looked around this world?  Would another democrat in power anywhere in the world be a good thing right now?  Another person who thinks that the Federal government is the best entity to handle problems here at home!  When in fact, shipping our taxes to Washington just to have them redistributed as Washington sees fit IS THE PROBLEM.  If you are a business owner and support Sheheen then come see me.  I want to ask you some tough questions!

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