Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On a bender for the next three days...and womens rugby!

I leave for the states on Sunday...until then I will be pretty knackered, pissed, drunk, in tatters, wasted, etc.

Tonight we have a party thrown by the folks in International Relations.

Tomorrow, two parties. One is thrown by my guys in International Sec. and Conflict Resolution, the other by the Globalization folks.

Friday the French girls are throwing a party.


Today I watched a women's rugby match. Impressive. Rugby is rather addictive. I challenge anyone to watch a match and turn the TV. I love it. I also don't know any of the damn rules. I have no clue why they stop and start games. Penalties, scoring scheme...nothing. There is lots of hitting. It is like a well choreographed mugging!

If a mugger and a ballet dancer had a kid...he/she would play rugby.

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