Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Africa Welcomes China.


China rides the Africa Express

Good! I hope they establish a fantastic relationship. I hope China becomes heavily invested in Africa. I hope Europe and the US can divest themselves from Africa. (Not completely.)

It seems from the article above that capitalism is healing the wounds of Africa. Let's see if any of that capital trickles down to the masses.

And then there is this little tid-bit!

"...Hu would urge Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to allow a hybrid United Nations and Africa Union force into Darfur.

Until late last year there was little indication that the Chinese were prepared to help persuade Sudan to do this."

This is huge. I don't mind if China looks like the hero if Sudan agrees to a UN force (already provided for by UNSCR 1706). It will be short lived when troops, money and logistics are assigned and China is no where to be found as usual.

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