Friday, January 19, 2007

Back in Dublin!

Well, the exam is over and the papers are turned in. What to do with my time. Well, I think I will blog a bit.

The law exam was interesting. I had to pick three topics out of six. I picked one on the effectiveness of international law (or ineffectiveness), the ineffectiveness of sanctions, and the legality of regional organizations.

Basically the whole exam revolves around the concept of enforcing the "Purposes and Principles" of the UN and the problem of contradicting laws. They contradict because international relations are moving from a national security standard to a human security standard. Ideas and entities like the Global Civil Society and the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect are confronting old ideas of sovereignty and IR in general.

Add to this the general stalemate in the UN Security Council that disallows any meaningful and timely resolutions to be produced and you have the jist of my exam answers. Now, lets just hope my prof thinks the same.

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