Sunday, February 11, 2007

Obama's to lose.

I have been doing a little reading and listening about Barak Obama. Rhetorically this guys is as solid a candidate as the Dems have put forward since Clinton. Maybe, even more so. On substance he will have to do a lot more convincing. He lacks foreign policy experience. He is heavily leveraged towards strict democrat policies. And, he is a freshman Senator. Not really a Presidential resume. But, none of that counts as long as he is good on TV and stays on message in order to be elected as the Dem nominee.

Being elected President will mean that he will have to answer for his lack of experience. He will have to answer for being partisan. He will have to verbalize an actionable plan to the American people about Iraq. If he only says Iraq is wrong and we need to change like Kerry did he will lose. Because that makes you look weak on foreign policy.

The Dem nomination is his to lose. The Presidency will be a fight to the death.


Anonymous said...

Not a blank resume -- that's more than Bush had going for him, and Americans didn't mind that too much. Plus I bet he knows who the president of Egypt is.

Benjamin Cook said...

No, Bush was a Gov. Which uniquely qualifies one to be a president. Especially if you come from a big state like Texas. Bush was very weak on foreign policy. No argument. Unfortunately for Obama the US will probably be more picky about foreign policy experience than ever before because of Bush.

Besides now we don't need "old guard" foreign policy experience, full of realist IR theory. We need fresh perspective that acknowledges the "Human Security" world we live in.