Friday, February 9, 2007

The Palestinian Aid Myth

Every news story I read about the power sharing agreement/unity government agreed to in Mecca this week talks about lifting the "western aid boycott".

As for the rest of the world...I can't say. But, the US has actually increased the amount of aid going into Palestine during the "blockade" not reduced it. It just goes directly to the PA (
$600 Million vs $200 the year before) according to Former US Ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk.

The US has given the West Bank / Gaza USA Aid program over $1.5 billion since inception. (that is just the aid program, not total aid.)

"President Bush also used his authority to provide $50 million in direct assistance to the Palestinian Authority, marking only the fourth time a U.S. president has used a congressionally
authorized waiver to channel aid away from USAID programs and directly to the PA."

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