Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Best The Worst Has To Offer!

Immigration! What a polarizing issue. But why should it be? We are all familiar with the history of this country made up of criminals, pirates, opportunists and the excommunicated. As an extension we are aware of the tradition and history that immigration plays in defining what this country is. With that in mind is there a way forward? I think so. But it will take two very important things that our government is not good at, enforcement and compromise.

No comprehensive immigration bill can be good enough if it is not enforced. We have laws on the books now that are not vigorously enforced. We have towns and cities all over this country that declare themselves "safe havens" for illegals inviting illegal/criminal aliens to their communities thereby disregarding the law. At this time we can not enforce our borders. Measures to do so meet with tough scrutiny because they are historically unpopular (the wall) and expensive (more border agents). As the Congress presently debates this bill I am pleased to see Members like our own Sen. Lindsey Graham offer amendments that toughen boarder security. I am at best cautiously optimistic that these measures will actually be enforced.

What this immigration bill is changes every day with new amendments. So it is hard to pen down exactly what the final product will be. But so far I have not seen anything that looks like AMNESTY. There are several hurdles that illegal aliens must negotiate before beginning their path to citizenship. Two of which are learning the language and paying a hefty fine. As someone who has studied languages latter in life this is not a simple task and takes sincere dedication. The fine is $5000 and can be garnished out of pay checks. And these are just two hurdles, there are more.

All of this was arrived at by compromise. No one is completely happy with this bill, not least of which is the more "conservative" right. Most pundits like Limbaugh, Hannity and far-far right Savage and Coulter are dead set against this. Well, duh. Since when have pundits been known as champions of compromise! Pundits don't make money being wishy-washy on issues they make it by being far left or far right. Absolutist in their analysis. Luckily, it looks as though in this case Congress is not being absolutist. There is a necessary give and take at work with this immigration bill that may yet yield some much needed results.

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"Bias towards the sensational"
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