Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Tao of Al

The Tao of Gore

I am actually all for going "Green". There is no harm in it and it opens up new markets. But be warned. There are some "Greenys" that worship at the alter of Gore! Once Green becomes a "religion," as it is want to do, it will establish mind guards and doctrine that are unassailable even by science.

Watching the environment movement embrace, yea invest, in an apocalyptic version of climate change is frightening. Former VP Al Gore has whipped the populace into quite a frenzy. He is just about to start handing out the Kool-aid.

It must be stated that am a believer in climate change at the hands of humans. Where I draw the line is the “end of days” scenarios that warn us of impending death to the planet. The human race with all of its might could do no more than bruise this planet. We are merely an after thought to mother earth that has been around for 4.5 billion years. Folks have only been around to see about 200,000 thousand of those years. Let’s spell this out.

4,500,000,000,000 Earth

200,000 Folks

In this time the earth has been ravaged by much worse than the internal combustion engine and the nuclear bomb. What we can not understand is that there is something larger than ourselves at work here. And that modern science can only struggle to make a best guess as to what is going on. We can’t predict tornados or hurricanes and barely have a grasp on when it rains. What self-important academic dares say with absolute certainty that we are the culprits in the “current” climate swing? What brazen arrogance. Instead what should be said is that we are affecting the current climate and to what degree is debatable.

Here is what is certain. The American people and the modern West fund both sides of the War on Terror every time we fill up our cars with petroleum. Therefore alternatives, conservation and stewardship are necessities. Not because the ocean will swallow Manhattan or Myrtle Beach. I have a prediction of my own. That before this debate is over everyone reading this will be dead and their grandchildren will be dead and their grand children’s grand children as well. Not from rising oceans or a man made ice age either, but rather the same things that have called us home to our just rewards over the past 200,000 years.

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