Sunday, September 9, 2007

“Democrats Step Up Criticizm of Iraq Findings”

This is a headline from the New York Times dateline September 9th. This is very interesting considering there has been no official reporting of said findings to “Criticize”. General David H. Petraeus has not given his report yet. Sure, his open letter to the troops gives us a preview but that is not the report. That is certainly not the OFFICIAL report.

Normally I look for reasons to attack the Dems. I freely admit it. But this is one of those times I will point to both parties. The pro-war right did almost the exact same thing when the Iraq Study Group report was to come out. These attempts to sway opinion before the facts are clear are a patent example of partisan politics. The kind that puts the party first and the “people’s business” second. It should not be tolerated on either side of the aisle.

I do have to point out Sen. Harry Reid. His insistence on calling it the Bush Report rather than the Patraeus report is beyond the pale. This is attacking not just Bush (which we expect) but also General Patraeus. This is calling Patraeus a dishonored liar, incapable of an honest assessment of Iraq. Reid has placed himself and to a large extent the Democrat party in the position of losing if the US wins. If Iraq is successful the liberals have egg all over their faces. Reid now has to answer for statements that declare the Iraq war lost. His answer? “Patraeus is an untrustworthy liar.” Not to mention Ambassador Crocker who will also participate in the report.

Thus far Petraeus has given us no reason to think that he is anything but a capable military leader and an honest broker. He seems to be a call-it-as-he-sees-it kind of guy. Why then would Reid feel the need to preempt the Patraeus report? How does that raise the level of debate? How did Republicans attacking James Baker raise the level of debate on the Iraq Study Group Report? We can do better than the “Harry Reids” of the world. We can do better than this kind of political posturing to rescue errant proclamations of failure in Iraq.

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