Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ding dong the witch is dead....

I finally finished my dissertation. (you can read it below) I am very happy with it though it was shorter than the allotted word count.

I am hoping that the fact that there is no academic information on my topic will help with the lack of words. It is hard to find consensus when you are writing about something for the first time. No one has ever put together the links between blogs-public diplomacy- soft power- and democracy. Let's hope my readers understand what I am trying to say!

WOO HOO. My course work for my Masters degree is out of my hands!


notimportant at Daily Kos said...


I want to thank for your blog which I just discovered, you will be happy to know, doing a search to determine what - if any - effect the blogging explosion over a potential war with Iran may have had on war plans. And voila you are not asking this particular question but looking far beyond it. As a researcher, I applaud your effort. I am a regular blogger at The Daily Kos. Why not post there from time to time. At this moment there is a cry amongst the members that it be very important to quote reliable sources and from your site construction it is obvious you care very much about the ethical issues facing bloggers as well as the spread of ideas and concepts like freedom. BTW I go on middle east blogs so much, I think someone may knock on my door someday and ask why?

Benjamin Cook said...

Thanks so much for the comment.

I will/have join you at the Kos. If you have any questions on blogs just ask.