Friday, October 9, 2009

Pageland Nobel

With so much going on nationally and statewide, I have neglected what is going on right here in our lovely town of Pageland (I will comment on Obama's "Peace Prize" however.).  A mayoral race is a foot, as well as three districts on the town council.  This past Thursday night I had the privilege of listening to most candidates state their case and respond to several questions concerning the future of Pageland.  First let me comment on the turn out.  I was happy and disappointed.  There was a larger crowd than I expected, as well there seemed to be some sincere interest in the outcome of these political races.  I was however very disappointed to not see more Black or Hispanic listeners.  Now, I had my back to the entrance so if someone slipped in late I did not see them.  But, the point remains.  I would have preferred a more representative crowd.

Candidates were allowed to introduce themselves and were then asked a serious of questions.  Without a doubt Joe Steen (council candidate) and Brian Hough (mayoral candidate) won the day.  Both Hough and Steen spoke clearly about the future of Pageland and what it needs to more forward.  Town Councilman Hough spoke with confidence and with more specificity often referring to facts and figures that the other candidates generally did not utilize.  Steen laid out a motivated vision for Pageland with a cornerstone of increased industry and jobs to increase the tax base of Pageland. 

David Whitaker also convinced me he is a qualified candidate for Mayor.  While he does not have the experience that Brian Hough brings he has obviously taken the time to inform himself and seemed more knowledgeable than any other candidate, Hough excluded.  If Whitaker doesn't win the Mayor's race this go-round I would very much like to see him try again or pursue a council seat. 

In terms of actual "content" the candidates were polite and attentive.  Decorum was never tested and the hot-button issues that can be so divisive were handled with care.  There is one more event on the 20th of this month held by the Chamber of Commerce.  I hope to see more in attendance as well as a more representative crowd.  Perhaps those candidates with public speaking jitters will shed those and other front runners will emerge.

The IgNobel Peace Prize

Last week most of the world was stunned when the Nobel Peace Prize was given to our President, Barack Obama.  Over the years this prize has become less about peace and more about ultra leftism.  Jimmy Carter, the worst US President ever, has received one.  Al Gore got one.  As well as Yassir Arafat.  Not to mention 1976 winner Betty Williams who confessed to school children once that she wishes she could "kill Bush," referring of course to George W. Bush.  Oh, and lets throw Kofi Anan in that mix too.  The guy who presided over the expansion and corruption of the UN, including sweet-heart deals for his own family.  So, Obama is in great company.

Basically Obama received an award for not being Bush.  Or, for weakening our country rather than protecting it.  Weakness in the eye of an ultra-leftist is the only way to peace.  If only everyone were equally weak we would all live in peace.  No I believe it is strength guided by individual freedom, capitalism and democracy that brings peace.  Our world remains in a general state of peace because of the strength of the US and our allies.  Not because of anything Obama has done in the 9 months he has been in office.  This award signifies the utter ridiculousness that Obama's presidency has become.  It is all HAT and no CATTLE as they say in Texas.

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