Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the job training...

Last week the United Nations and a host of world politicos demonstrated what they are good for. Pomp and rhetoric.  Libyan leader Moamar Gadhafi in his flowing robes shook his fist at the Westernized world and at the UN itself for disregarding decades of conflict between smaller nations.  Our own President suggested that anti-Americanism was almost axiomatic or a given in most parts of the world based on US unilateral behavior.  Funny, Mr. President... wasn't it your side of the political spectrum that floated that canard in the first place?  How convenient for you now that you plead your case to the UN for a new world order based on cooperation.  How is that "cooperation" going at home?  And Mr. Gadhafi, the US is very concerned with civil unrest through out the world, but if every response we take to remedy these situations is wrong in foreign eyes what is our motivation to intervene in a damned if you do - damned if you don't situation?  Go in alone, we are acting unilaterally without world consensus.  Go in multi-laterally and we are forcing Western values on the world by the point of a sword. 

Obama's Lesson

Obama has no doubt learned a good lesson in international relations in his short tenure.  That lesson is that no matter what you do on the international stage it is never the right thing to do nor is it ever enough.  That is because international affairs proceed in a state of nature, or every nation for themselves.  There is no altruism in international politics.  By the way this "lesson" that Obama is just now learning is Political Science 101 for your incoming college freshman.

Our Lesson Learned

If you voted for Obama for any reason other than the color of his skin, AND you have some capacity to be intellectually honest with yourself you have just learned or are now learning a very valuable lesson.  A politician's rhetoric void of verifiable action is absolutely worthless no matter how sweet and enticing his/her message.  If you are the voter I just described you were sold a bill of goods.  One that included "hope" and "change" and "unity".  Where is that?  Our allies that were teaming with joy at the prospect of an Obama era have all but discounted Obama as a charlatan that lacks any political power to accomplish his lofty rhetorical agenda and are quickly hedging there bets by aligning with Russia and China.  The same opinion makers that called Bush a "cowboy" are now calling Obama hollow and impotent. (I would normally discount Europe's opinions on just about all our domestic affairs but we are sounding the same calls here at home on both the left and the right when it comes to Obama.)

Lesson Applied

Obama did not invent the political bait and switch, but he is the most recent and most egregious salesman.  The political bait and switch works on both sides of the aisle.  So how do we apply what we have learned?  Number one we must insist on our country back.  The one promised to us by our fore fathers and founders.  The one based on a government system of checks and balances that works to prevent one level, one house, figure, or party from being too powerful and too big.  We do that by voting Conservative candidates into office.  I will even spot you a libertarian or two (Notice I didn't say "Republican." It is more likely that your vote will be "Republican" but "Conservative" is really what we are looking for.).  You also take your country back by taking responsibility for yourself and your immediate community.  Remember that when you are taking money from the federal government for roads, healthcare, education, law enforcement, municipal improvements, child care, job training, etc, etc. 

So while our Dear Leader is courting the rest of the world towards his ever failing system (a Socialist system that Europe is fast voting from power for more conservative cadidates), remember that real change starts at home.  You want a better community?  Build it.  Require it of others.  Lead by example.  Don't take the easy road and take the hand outs from the federal system.  That course is what has us in this situation now.  All of us are guilty of "taking the money".  Not one of us goes without guilt.  This prescription is easy to hand out and difficult to swallow but, it is the only cure.

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