Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Struggle to Stay Relivant

The Struggle to Stay Relevant

No US President exemplifies failure like Jimmy Carter.  Most Presidents can point to something in their tenure as the most powerful man in the world and say "hey, I accomplished something."  Carter can not.  His presidency was marred from beginning to end with miscues and missteps.  From giving away the Panama Canal (China now controls it.) to mishandling the Iran Hostage situation to the creation of the Department of Education, his single term presidency was a black spot on this country's history. (If you don't like my list, feel free to add double digit inflation, gas rationing, etc, etc.)

In his ever public struggle to stay relevant and to seem worthy of the office he wasted, Carter once again puts his foot in his mouth.  Now he is suggesting that the majority of those who publicly oppose Obama do so with racial pretenses.  I particularly take offense to that and so should you.  Not because you have been accused of being a racist.  No, that is standard fare if you are a Conservative, but because your first amendment right to free speech has just been attacked by a former President.  Your ability to speak truth-to-power is now under attack by a man who put his hand on a Bible and swore an oath to protect that right.

I knew that when Obama was elected those that dared stand up to him and his political machine would be labeled racists.  I knew Obama wouldn't come right out and say it, but his surrogates would.  Apparently, Jimmy Carter is now an Obama surrogate.  While we have been listening to the cry-baby hypocrites blast Joe Wilson for daring to speak truth-to-power and suggesting he has violated some kind of congressional "sanctity", the left trots out President Carter to call me a racist, and you a racist if you dare stand up for yourself.  Apparently "sanctity" only extends to Washington politics and not to the United States Constitution!

The good news of course is this is an act of desperation.  This my friends is the beginning of the end for Obama and his policies, assuming of course you and I continue to reject the lies and accusations and hold politicians to account.  This is what the Obama presidency has become.  A presidency that never got started.  A president that misunderstood his mandate.  A mandate that simply said, " don't be Bush."  That is it, that is all.  It did not say, restructure everything we know and understand about this country into a Socialist oligarchy.  It didn't say out spend what Bush spent in 8 years as president in only 8 months.  It didn't say try to force a center-right leaning country to the far Socialist left.  These things were not his mandate.  Now Obama in his own struggle to stay relevant has enlisted Jimmy Carter, the nations worst president, to carry water for him.

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