Friday, September 4, 2009

Waking Up Socialist

Waking Up Socialist

You don't actually wake up one day and *poof* you are a Socialist.  Heck, how can you be something you don't even understand?  Perhaps you are a Socialist via your habits and actions rather than your conscious volition?  Perhaps the incremental behavior and choices you exhibit viewed in total make you a Socialist?  Or perhaps you buy into the idea of a Utopia, an egalitarian society where fairness and equality rein supreme and are willing to make those who are in the way of that Utopia suffer until they are forced into equality?

Don't think you are a Socialist?  Let's test you.  When educating your children who do you rely on for guidance and funding, yourself or the government?  When buying a home who do you rely on to set the interest rate, underwrite the loan (to any extent, great or small), protect your investment, yourself or the government?  Going to college, do you pay for it or do you rely in some part on the government?  Looking for a Job, how entangled is the government in that process?  Do you receive unemployment?  In your healthcare are you paying for it or is the government?  Retirement, are you on Social Security?  Are you relying on Social Security as your retirement plan?  Chances are there is not one among us that can say that he/she does not look to the government for something that they could or should have provided for themselves.  If you take the money you are participating in a system of Socialism.  You are at the very least a small "s" socialist.

The idea behind government is to protect your freedoms, property and liberties.  Not to force equality on the people.  We are born equal, and from that day forward we cease to be equal.  The concept of Socialism relies upon the flawed concept that we can all be more equal, or in the Utopia, completely equal.  We can't be equal.  None of us participates in life the same way.  The goal of equality is a false goal.  What is obtainable and more importantly maintainable is freedom.  The end of slavery wasn't about equality, the civil rights movements were not about equality it was about freedom.  All men are free.  All men are not equal. 

When freedom is maintained there is no government obstacle to economic advancement, no matter your race, gender or creed.  When freedom is maintained there is no government obstacle to education, no matter your economic background or geographic location.  When freedom is maintained the limits on your successes are based on you and you only.  An individual.  You are the arbiter of your life and designer of your destiny. 

By natural design we form governments to protect our freedoms, property and liberties.  We do this because we maintain common among us a desire for freedom, property and liberty.  There is no need for each of us individually to expend effort and fortune protecting individually what we all seek to protect together.  Therefore we institute governments to protect these individual interests via a common law.  Note I said "individual interests" not common interests.  In effect we give up to government limited and particular freedoms so that it may adjudicate and protect the individual when problems arise among us.  We do this, we give these freedoms up to the government, so that the balance of our individual freedoms, property and liberty are protected.

Socialists substitute "equality" for "freedom" and "collective" for "individual".  Freedom is sacrificed so that someone deemed less equal might be artificially made to be "equal."  Property is seized and redistributed based on station, culture and patronage rather than labor and productivity.  Liberty is redefined as a doctrine of fairness rather than doctrine of individuality, labor and production. 

The problems our Nation faces now are not the product of Barack Obama or Bill Clinton or Nancy Peliosi.  George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Abraham Lincoln are as much to blame.  Our problems are the result of incremental deviations from a plan for a "more perfect Union".  A plan devised by men who had experienced tyranny, oppression and religious bigotry.  That plan was purposefully clear in some places and purposefully opaque in others.  In an effort to control the "elite" that inevitably populate government and speed up the natural inertia of all governments to grow, our founders instituted a system of checks and balances to fight that inertia.  Socialism is like Crack Cocaine for governments.  It puts that natural force a government exhibits towards growth into overdrive.  It rewards the governmental "elites" much more than is normal to any governmental system, and it retards the access that the everyday man has to the governmental apparatus.  Therefore, without knowing it, our founders were per se against Socialism.  There is no line from the Declaration of Independence or amendment to the Constitution that mentions Socialism, but the entire meaning of both documents was to prevent the growth of government into what Socialism is, government-run everything.

In short, we have all become socialists in some part.  Suckling at the government teat.  It is easy to convince yourself it is ok.  The government takes your money and then offers it back to you.  After all, it is your money right?  Is it?  Really?  Do you really think you are a net producer or a net user of government services, i.e. do you send the government more money than you use?  Even then, if you are a net producer, is that the most efficient way for you to use your money?  Give it first to the government?  Enough is enough!  The time is at hand to hold our politicians to account.  If it is not enumerated in the Constitution then the Federal government has no business spending our money on it.  Contact your State representatives and Senators and tell them NO MORE.  Insist that the state of South Carolina stand up to the Federal Government and protect us from the collection of unconstitutional taxes and mandates.  Action is at hand.  You might have to get off your chair for this one folks!  Or, you can remain in your chair and Obama will be with you shortly to take care of everything your heart desires.

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The Logic Connection said...

I fear we are past the point of turning back to the Constitution. It's up to you my friend to continue to be a beacon of freedom in the town of Pageland and balance out that wacko columnist in the Progressive.

You would have made a great mayor by the way!