Saturday, May 30, 2009

An example of what happens when politicians send me unsolicited emails!

To Bobby Harrell, SC Speaker of the House, Republican.


Speaker Harrell,

I am a voting delegate and the Vice-Chairman for the Chesterfield GOP. I am very disappointed that any Conservative would support even passively the "Stimulus" money being spent in SC. There is NO moral justification for taking the money. Being party to the indenturing of our children and grand children to the Federal Government is, to be sure, immoral. This is not hyperbole or over stating. By taking the money we have insured that our children will be paying down on our miss deeds. How can you be party to that?

The excuse that we " will have to pay for the money anyway" or that other states would get the money does not make the taking of the "stimulus" any more defensible. South Carolina is a sovereign state and the Socialist direction (Participatory Economics) that the Federal government is taking us has no prescription in our US Constitution. SC should stand up to the Feds and protect its citizens from the tyranny of the elite. Unlike many that only complain I have a solution.

1. South Carolina should collect the Federal Taxes from its citizens and hold them in trust and pay them out to the US Treasury for only those things expressly written in the US Constitution.

2. South Carolina should refuse any money from the Federal Government that is not for those things outlined clearly in the US Constitution.

3. South Carolina should protect from Federal harassment, fines or imprisonment any citizen that pays its Federal Taxes to SC rather than to the US Treasury.

4. To accomplish this SC should partner with like minded officials in other states, bring suit against any parties participating in any form of Socialism that adversely affects SC and stop participating in any federal education programs.

5. The money left over after paying to the US Treasury Constitutionally defensible funds held in trust should be allocated for the short falls that the federal spending has been covering, like education. Any money left over after that should be returned to the tax payer.

To be clear, I am not advocating less taxes or no taxes. I am advocating that taxes only be paid for Constitutionally viable expenditures and that the Federal Apparatus is so broken that individual states must correct it. I also do not advocate succession. Any Federal take over of industry, including the education industry, is forbidden because it is not listed as a Federal Power and is therefore reserved for the states and individuals.

Speaker Harrell, we can not "politic" our way out of this mess. Strong corrective action must be taken.

If you have it in you to correct these problems I applaud you and support you. If you do not please step down this very hour. Stop your passive support of Socialism.

The Republican party is in the midst of a schism. Big government, Nanny-State Republicans are being shown for what they are. True Conservatives are banding together. Where are you? Lindsey Graham saw where he was at the Convention. Boldly admitting that he would rather win reelection than be on the right side of the issues. Conservatives are watching.

Kind Regards,

Benjamin Parrish Cook
Vice-Chairman, Chesterfield County GOP

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