Sunday, May 10, 2009

How the Mighty Have Fallen

Fareed Zakaria, you can find his name and links littered through out my blog. Until today I held his opinion in high regard. We often disagreed, but I respected what he said. He still has an informed view of all things Pakistan... but now, now he has sold his soul to the devil in order to confirm his Obama bias.

In one of his latest Newsweek columns he lists the "accomplishments" of the Obama administration in its first 100 days. He goes on to suggest that "any President would be envious" of those accomplishments. What?

Throughout the meat of his column he lists nothing of consequence. He says so in the first few paragraphs... he notes that Obama's policies all need time before we can judge. NO Mr. Zakaria they do not need time. We can judge Obama's policies against History! Against Precedent! And against good common sense! We can judge them now for what they are... Socialist. Your love for European Style Socialism betrays you! You adherence to your Obama narrative betrays you! You uncharacteristic unacademic assessment of Obama's first 100 days puts you off my list of liberal leaning pundits I respect.

I understood how you could back Obama in the election. I did. The right offered no real candidate. Obama was intoxicating to those who had even a slight leftward lean. I get it. But you have abandoned yourself and us by sugar coating a failing 100 days. A 100 days that will forever be the time the left tried to make the United States of America the United Socialist States of America!

Perhaps these are your true colors. I hope not. I hope there is a shred of intellectual honesty left in your body. I hope that you will abandon a failed narrative and bias. I hope I am only witnessing a stumble and not a fall.

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