Monday, May 11, 2009

The Way Forward

The Way Forward

How can the Republican Party get back to its Conservative Roots, and there by be the party we deserve?

The answer is simple, though the work may be hard.  The answer:  Follow a set of Conservative Principles, reject anything that varies.  This will require introspection and amendment to our current "principles."

Amendment to items that have been part of our platform for years.  However, it is through this resoluteness that we will find the clearest path.

Not to be confused with the easiest path...

To be clear, we need to understand what it is to be a Conservative and apply those principles when we act as Republicans.  How can we do that locally?

Here is what I suggest.

1.  Start a lending library of books that are part of the Conservative cannon of literature (classical liberalism).  For example books by William F. Buckley Sr., Barry Goldwater, Rush Limbaugh, John Locke, Thomas Paine, Jean Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Jefferson.  Too few of us understand Conservative principles, and what is more, how to apply these principles to our daily lives and to the problems that face this country.

Free Markets?  Why?  Smaller Government?  Why?  Pro Life?  Why?  States' Rights  Why?

You can't be an ambassador for Conservatism if you don't speak the language and understand the basics.

2.  Create a Century Club.  One-hundred $100 donors.  These donations are earmarked for the election of local Republican politicians.

3.  Two part-time paid staff members that work under the direction of the County executive committee.

4.  Executive officers that lead the way by example in terms of preparedness, planning, organization and fund raising.

5.  Require politicians that request an endorsement or audience from the County GOP to submit in writing how their positions and platform are Conservative (classically liberal).  This will weed out those that only parrot the current platform in an attempt to gain political power.

6.  Attract youth to our cause by speaking their language.  Create an online presence that attracts young people to our county party.

7.  Create committees to share the responsibility of important CCGOP business like fund raising, conventions, precincts/redistricting, membership.

8.  Realign our monthly meeting structure into two different types, election year and non-election year.  In an election year we meet with our full membership as we do now, once per month.  Other years we rotate general meeting, fund raising meeting, membership meeting, officers meeting.  Three or four meaningful meetings with good attendance is better than 12 mediocre meetings with poor attendance.  When the General Membership does meet, have it meet for a reason.  Have learning goals like Conservatism and Free Markets, Conservatism and Globalization or Conservatism and Abortion.  Make these meetings meaningful.

9.  Office space.  We need a member or donor to donate office space for the party.  Preferable somewhere large enough to hold monthly meetings.

10.  Set yearly goals for fund raising, membership and other attainable markers.

Chesterfield County is a county that leans Conservative yet votes Liberal in local elections.  Our number one goal should be to fix this problem.  With our re dedication to what matters we can do it.  A word of caution, NO amount of planning, goals, meetings or funds can replace a clear understanding of what it is to be a Conservative.  Without this understanding we are doomed to return to the sad state of Republican politics we have today.

If your friends are Conservative/Republican let them know we either need their active participation in the party or/and their donation.  If they can not be active in the party we need their funds to be active in the party.  It is all our responsibility to fund raise.

Thank You,

Benjamin Cook, Vice-Chairman and Public Relations Director
Chesterfield County Republican Party

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