Monday, July 20, 2009

Before I get into my normal bloviate ...

Before I get into my normal ruminations, let me first congratulate the Pageland Chamber, Town of Pageland, Pageland Police Department, the Sheriff's Department and so many others that contributed to making the Watermelon Festival a success.  I was part of a booth next to the music.  All those with me had a great time! I am currently in Hawiian Ice and Sausage Dog withdrawal.

On everyone's mind these days is healthcare.  Yes, it is expensive, and yes it is getting MORE expensive, but here is a news flash... YOU are not entitled to it.  There is no "right" to healthcare.  The plain and simple truth is that the Constitution enumerates no power for healthcare.  What we have now, given to us by Lyndon Johnson and others, is already Unconstitutional.  Medicare and the unfunded state mandate Medicaid are failed concepts.  Governments are ill suited to provide for us on an individual basis.  It takes a pretty thick and one-sided bias to look at previous Federal government attempts to provide social services and think that they are equipped to provide something as important and personal as healthcare on the scale they attempt now, much less on the scale Obama is proposing.

What is the Federal Government known for?  Wasteful spending, unfunded mandates to the states (most unconstitutional), lining pockets of special interests, sweetheart deals, etc.  So, even if you think that Universal Socialized Obama-Care is a good idea, you have to be blind to think that the Federal Government is capable of providing it. 

We have test cases all over the world and at home.  Several states have tried to provide some form of complete care for all citizens.  None have been successful.  Many nations have tried it and the news if full of stories about the deficits the programs run, the lengthy waits for services, and the long line of Canadians finding care at our facilities because their socialized healthcare system is failing them.

All of this should be moot because our Founders in their wisdom limited the scope and reach of the Federal Government.  Sadly, over time, presidents, congresses, and judicial rulings have all but ruined the original plan of a Union of Sovereign states that mostly looked out for themselves on domestic issues.  Instead, we have a Nanny State trying to be all things to all people.  It is impossible... not difficult... but, impossible for any government to provide effective and efficient social services like our Federal apparatus tries to provide us.  What Obama and many Socialists like him want just will not work, even if their intentions are noble.


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