Thursday, July 30, 2009

Now It's Personal!

Now It's Personal!

Liberals are now wanting to tax fatty foods as well as sodas and other delicious items.  This is all in an effort to reduce the cost of healthcare.  Someone might say it's to motivate me to be thin and healthy... but that is just a lie.  Here is one you might not see coming... I agree the obese are too expensive to publicly insure and something must be done! 

I agree that fattys put an undue strain on public healthcare and that the morbidly obese are probably expensive to maintain medically.  But, the answer is not to tax the fat or sugar it is to stop trying to publicly insure them with things like the old Hillary-care and now Obama-care.  If I want two pork chops and not one, it is no ones business.  If I die with a turkey leg in my hand it was ultimately my choice.  No one is obligated to pay for me.  My poor lifestyle choices are just that... my choice.  I choose not to smoke, not drink too often, reduce stress and get plenty of rest.  I also choose to add bacon and extra cheese.  It is no ones concern but mine.

What this boils down to is another attempt to micro manage my/your/our personal lives.  Liberals think that you are quite incapable.  And... if they are right, that it is the governments duty to manage your life for you.  I, and conservatives, disagree.  If you want to participate in risky behavior I would no sooner stop you from Super-Sizing those fries than I would stop you from parachuting from a plane.  Both more risk than is necessary, both add some flavor to our lives. 

I have never advocated the violent overthrow of our government, but if Obama et al think they can waltz down here and take that Beth's Country Kitchen Friday afternoon pork chop from my hands...well...  If I might takes some liberties with Charlton Heston.  "They can have my pork chop when the pry it from my cold dead hands!"

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